OpenPhone updates
OpenPhone updates

Our brand new Android app is finally here!




Completely rebuilt from the ground up (and thoroughly beta tested by hundreds of our amazing users 🙏 ), we’re finally delivering the Android experience you deserve.

Check out our launch video!


There’s plenty to get excited about, so let’s get into the nitty-gritty:

  • With a faster and more responsive UI, OpenPhone for Android is now the snappy and refined experience you’ve come to expect.

  • Reliability was another major focus for this rebuild. Rest assured—calling and texting work just like they should.

  • Starting today, you can expect a much more consistent experience with your notifications. If you get a call or text, you'll know.

  • Even better call quality. With this rebuild, we’ve made improvements to ensure you can hear—and be heard on—every call.

  • As we wrap up our rebuild, we’ll switch to working on feature parity. The best is yet to come.

The all-new OpenPhone for Android is available now

We tied this release off with a bow and shipped it off to the Google Play store this morning. It might take a few days to reach your device, but you can look forward to it soon!

Visit the Play Store now to upgrade >

Delighters ✨

No update is complete without a few extras to make you happier.

  • We recently hit a huge funding milestone: our 40M Series B! Check out the announcement to learn where we're taking OpenPhone next
  • In case you missed it, light mode was rolled out a few weeks ago on our web, desktop, and Apple apps! And yes—Android is right around the corner. Peek into your settings to enable it (but don’t forget your shades).
  • Recalibrate your bookmarks, because is officially ours! Our Twitter handle’s been tweaked to @OpenPhone, too. We dropped the “App”; it’s cleaner.

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We’d love to hear your feedback. How’s this rebuild treating you? Let us know!

PS: Like what we’re building? Come join the team! We’re growing fast and hiring across the board, so check out our Careers page (and share it with your friends 😉 ).

New on the web & desktop: Light mode 💡

We wanted to brighten up your day (literally) ☀️

Light mode is finally available in the OpenPhone web & desktop apps.

Light mode GIF.gif

We know many of you have been waiting for this - enjoy!

Bonus: pick your emoji skin tone and customize your reaction shortcuts to make your OpenPhone experience more delightful ✨

Check out the new Preferences section in your Settings to access these.

CleanShot 2022-01-12 at 20.30.58@2x.png

Are you Team Light Mode or Team Dark Mode? Let us know what you think on Twitter ✌️




OpenPhone Update - December 2021




Another stellar year in the books, but we're not done yet! We dusted off your wish list to put together this very special holiday update. Here's what we've wrapped up—just for you 🎁 .

What's new

Video preview.png

  • The all-new OpenPhone for Android will hit the Google Play Store early next year, but before then, we're looking for a few brave folks to help us test it. Apply for early access >
  • We crafted a whole new set of signature sounds for our apps—including two exclusive ringtones! This all-new audio experience is making its debut on Mac, Windows, and Web, but expect an encore in iOS and Android soon.
  • You now have more control over how you're alerted while in DND mode or outside business hours!

Notification Settings.jpg

  • You can now claim your email domain in OpenPhone (like, but for your business) to make onboarding new teammates a one-click process. For those without an email domain, our existing invite process has been sped-up too!

Add an Email Domain.jpg

  • Work Schedules are here! Think of it them as business hours, but for people—not numbers.

Work Schedules.jpg

Delighters ✨

No update is complete without a few extras to make you happier.

We're hiring

Like what we're building? Come join the team! We're growing fast and hiring across the board, so check out our Careers page (and share it with your friends).




New on iOS: A big heap of updates and quality of life improvements ✨





Golly, we sure do ship a lot. Hopefully you're not getting tired of these, because today's update is chock-full of goodness for our friends on iOS.

What's new

  • Call transfers got a big overhaul. Now you can select -any- number in your workspace and even see their names and symbols. ezgif-4-b8218ca1c3e7.gif

  • We integrated with Siri so you can use commands like "Hey Siri, call Jordan with OpenPhone." I can't wait to hear from you.

  • Long-press any OpenPhone notification to see some handy quick actions. Fewer steps mean faster responses.


  • Visiting the Activity tab now clears the red dot from your OpenPhone icon. Don't worry—blue 'unread' dots won't clear until you actually tap in.

  • Now you can have recent calls from OpenPhone appear alongside regular calls in the "Recents" tab of your "Phone" app. Check settings for that.

  • You can enable or disable international calls and automatic call recording directly from your phone number settings.


  • Long-press any phone number in any app to find the new "OpenPhone 📞" option. That's right—you can now make OpenPhone calls from anywhere!

Bug fixes

  • We stopped adding a string of random characters to your copied-and-pasted links. That was my idea. Sorry.

New on web/desktop: Major update to call transfers 📲





Hey again folks! Here's an update specifically for teams who transfer a lot of calls (trust us, you're gonna love it).

What's new

Call transfers have been completely overhauled in the latest version of OpenPhone. Rebuilt from the ground up, the entire process has been made simpler, more contextual, and way more reliable.

Here's a quick preview of what to expect:

CleanShot 2021-08-31 at 17.45.50.gif

Now you're able to quickly transfer a call to someone else in your shared inbox, a different shared inbox entirely, or even one specific teammate—all without skipping a beat.

We've also made another handy change: warning you if the recipient of your call transfer is unavailable. This should help ensure all your transferred calls actually get answered:

CleanShot 2021-08-31 at 18.24.54.png

We're super happy to roll this out and hope you're excited to try it.

It's available now on desktop and web, so let us know what you think.

We're hiring

Like what we're building? Come join the team! We're growing fast and hiring across the board, so check out our Careers page (and share it with your friends 😉).

Want to try all this out? Refresh OpenPhone's web app and download the latest desktop update.

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New on web/desktop: More ways to delete call recordings, some useful bug fixes 🐜





Quick update from your friends here at OpenPhone. We've made a few bugfixes and improvements we thought you might like:

What's new

  • Workspace admins can now delete call recordings directly from the web and desktop apps. This is particularly helpful if someone shares anything sensitive while on a call. Your recording will be gone for everyone and can't be undone, so use this option wisely!

CleanShot 2021-08-06 at 12.10.38@2x.png

Bug fixes

  • Tags would sometimes overlap in the contact panel of the web app. We padded things out and gave them some breathing room.

  • Team members can no longer invite new users to join your workspace as admins.

We're hiring

Like what we're building? Come join the team! We're growing fast and hiring across the board, so check out our Careers page (and share it with your friends 😉).

Want to try all this out? Refresh OpenPhone's web app and download the latest desktop update.

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OpenPhone Update – July 2021





Another month, another list of updates from your favorite business phone.

Our team really kicked things into overdrive this summer and there are a ton of improvements we can’t wait to announce. So keep an eye out: you’re going to see posts like these more regularly in the future.

But let’s start with July. Here are all the great new things you can get your hands on today.

Our referral program is live 💸

One of my favourite questions to ask new customers is, “How did you hear about OpenPhone?” Because more often than not, they were referred by a friend or colleague 🫂.

We can’t thank you enough for the support, but we can reward you for it:

Beginning today, you’ll get $20 in credit for everyone you successfully refer to OpenPhone. And they’ll get $20 in credit too! The rare win/win/win—it’s a beautiful thing.


Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Visit your account settings page to copy your unique referral link.

  • Share it with anyone who asks for business phone recommendations, or spread it far and wide to communities and followers who might be a good fit for OpenPhone.

  • Anyone who signs up through your referral code will get $20 in credit after their 7-day trial.

  • Once they make their first payment, you’ll get $20 in credit too.

  • Credit can be applied to your OpenPhone bill, or towards international calling/texting and SMS automations in Zapier.

  • There are no caps on the amount of credit you can earn. Some of you more enterprising individuals are going to have a field day with this, and we salute you.

Happy referring!

Export your call and message logs 📊 (Premium)

Depending on your line of work, keeping diligent track of calls and texts can be crucial. It might be for detailed record-keeping, compliance reasons, or importing into another app.

Either way, we’re happy to make that easier for you.

Now you can export all your call and message logs directly from OpenPhone’s Analytics page. And we’re not just giving you the basics, either. Every CSV export contains twenty-four data points per activity to help you slice, dice, and analyze your phone activity.



Share a phone number with up to 100 members 🎉 (Premium)

Shared numbers are one of the best things about OpenPhone. But until today, only 10 of your teammates could share a number at once. Not anymore. We’ve upped the share limit to 100 for those of you on our Premium plan.

That’s right, 100 people can now make calls and send texts through a shared phone number. “But wait,” I hear you asking. “…will all 100 peoples’ devices ring if we get a call?”

Nope—that still maxes out at 10. But if your first 10 teammates don’t pick up, we’ll keep ringing new batches of 10 until somebody does (or we run out and send the call to voicemail).

Round-robin calling is here 📲 (Premium)

Want more control over how your team gets calls?

OpenPhone can now ring teammates on shared phone numbers in batches, instead of all at once. Using the new round-robin option in your phone number settings, you can now decide how many available teammates we should ring at one time.

Teammates will be randomly assigned to batches for now, but we’re planning to add more control over that soon.


Delighters ✨

No update is complete without a few small details to make you happier.

We're hiring

Like what we're building? Come join the team! We're growing fast and hiring across the board, so check out our Careers page (and share it with your friends 😉).

Want to try all this out? Upgrade to Premium and update your web, desktop, and iOS apps.

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New in iOS 3.2.2 - sort by last name, delete call recordings, and more!





Hello again from your friends at OpenPhone! Today's release is jam-packed with fixes and improvements, so you'll want to give this a read:

What's new

  • A “sort by last name” option was added to settings! Sorry, Aaron; your reign of terror is over.
  • Delete a call recording by long-pressing and selecting the aptly named “delete recording” button. Because some calls just aren't worth revisiting.
  • Now you can visit a contact’s details page to see where—and with whom—they’ve been shared. We're all about visibility and context here.
  • "Edit" and "delete" options were added to the long-press menu for messages in internal threads. Nobody needs to know…
  • Did you forget which email you use with your OpenPhone account? Well, now you can find it on your profile page.

Bug fixes

  • Removed the bird and bee emojis as randomized substitutes for numbers without an emoji assigned. We’re not ready to have that talk with you yet.
  • Were you told “the operation couldn’t be completed” when trying to record an outgoing voicemail message? That's been fixed, so go complete that operation!
  • OpenPhone would sometimes freeze immediately after opening. We’ve given it some coaching and it's much more confident now.
  • Comment reactions now get added to the message you actually selected—not the top-level comment it falls under.
  • We stopped adding random area codes to 7-digit numbers. Sorry for being creative…
  • Solved an issue where the input and navigation bars became hidden after tapping through a notification.
  • Changes to contact templates now sync properly across your devices.
  • Scrolling through contacts using the alphabet scroll bar now (actually) works.

This update will start rolling out today, so keep a lookout!

Update the iOS app ⤴️

Introducing OpenPhone for Teams & HubSpot Integration 💥





When we started OpenPhone three years ago we saw a future where the phone is much more collaborative, integrated, and open. A phone number is such a powerful communication channel, yet the software powering it is stuck in the past. We thought we could do better.

And this brings us to today…

Say hello to OpenPhone for Teams.

Check out our launch video to see what it is in 49 seconds 🎥 YouTube (1).png

Here’s what’s inside:

Collaborate in internal threads

Work with your teammates behind the scenes to collaborate on incoming issues and queries, right in the context of the conversation. The customer never sees internal comments, don’t worry!

Internal threads on OP.png

Mention your teammates

Notify the right people, get input from your team, and get things done faster. You can mention both individual folks and everyone who has access to the phone number.

Mention teammates.png

React with emoji

Throw a quick 👍 or 🙏 (or anything you feel like, really) on a message. Who said business phones need to be boring?

Emoji reactions.png

Connect OpenPhone to HubSpot

Maintain a single source of truth by logging OpenPhone calls, messages, recordings, and voicemail to the relevant HubSpot records. No more wondering when was the last time you were in touch with a prospect (or what activities contribute to revenue most) 💰

HubSpot integration is a part of the Premium OpenPhone plan. You can upgrade to it right here in the “Billing” section of the admin dashboard. If you’d like to learn more about what’s possible, check out this video or contact our Sales team.


Live on Product Hunt

We’re also live on Product Hunt today and would love your support there ⤴️. Our team will be hanging out there answering questions so come on over.

We’re hiring

It’s a very special time to join our team.

We recently raised our Series A, are hiring across the board, and are looking for passionate and kind individuals who want to help businesses grow through better communication. Does this sound exciting? Please apply – we’re excited to meet you!

New on the web/desktop: Merge contacts, improved search, and major spring cleaning 🧹





Spring is finally here, so we decided to spend some time sprucing things up as well as improving our products for speed and reliability.

We’ve entirely overhauled our web/desktop and iOS apps to be able to scale with you. You’ll notice that your OpenPhone inbox is much snappier now and there’s no more waiting around for things to load.

Here’s all the new stuff this month.

Merge contacts (no more duplicates!) 🔗

If you’ve ever created a new contact just to realize later on that you’ve already added them, you know how annoying this can be. Well, no more. OpenPhone now allows you to intelligently merge multiple contacts into one. This means that if you have notes and other information spread out across multiple records, it will be available in one contact record.

OP Merge Contacts.png

Improved search 🔍

We wanted to make it fast and easy for you to surface any piece of information from your conversations. So we did just that.

  • Need to search for content in a specific inbox or phone number? Go right ahead.
  • Want to find something inside a conversation with a specific contact? We’ve got you covered.
  • Looking for contacts by company and role? Easy!
  • Love keyboard shortcuts? Just type ‘Command + /’ and search all you want.

Improved search.png

Admin improvements 💪

If you’re an admin for your organization, you’re going to love these:

  • You can now change the role of any team member in your workspace yourself. No need to contact our Support team anymore (although we’re always happy to help!)
  • The admin panel now supports search – making it way easier to find specific numbers or team members

OP Admin_improvements.png

Simplified pricing for additional phone numbers 🎁

We heard you loud and clear – our pricing for additional phone numbers was confusing. We’ve gone ahead and simplified it to make OpenPhone even more affordable.

Up until now, we gave each user access to 1 phone number, whether it was shared or private. Any additional number assignment was $5 per user per month.

Going forward, you will only be charged $5 per number that exceeds your total user count. So if you’re a team of 5, you can share access to all 5 phone numbers at no extra charge!

This also means that if you’re an OpenPhone admin and want to see the conversations your team members are having with customers, you can join as many numbers in your workspace as you’d like, for free. Plus, you can mute the numbers you join so you’re not bombarded by calls and notifications 🙏

Delighters ✨

No update is complete without a few small details to make you happier.

  • You can now add a photo for every contact on OpenPhone. Say cheese!
  • If you ever wanted to rearrange your contacts’ custom properties to make sure the order is on point, you can now go right ahead
  • The command menu is now much richer. Press ‘Command + K’ and give it a try!

Things you can do with OpenPhone ⚡️

We often get questions about what’s possible with OpenPhone. To that end, we’ve put together a series of product feature pages to inform and inspire. Check them out on our website here.

Want to try all this out? Update your web, desktop, and iOS apps.

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