OpenPhone updates
OpenPhone updates

OpenPhone Update - September '22




Today’s big release is aimed at one team in particular: Sales.

Yup — it's the one you’ve been waiting for. Salesforce is finally here!

👔 Integrate directly with Salesforce (Premium)

With just a few clicks, OpenPhone and Salesforce can now work together to help you nurture leads, close deals, and keep your whole team in the loop.

Watch our announcement video to see it in action >

Caller ID for contacts and leads

Opportunities come and go, so it’s never been practical to add everyone to your address book. With this integration, you'll automatically know which of your contacts or leads is reaching out.


Automatically log your phone calls and texts

Incoming and outgoing calls — including their recordings! — can now be automatically logged to a contact in Salesforce. We’ll also log texts and group them by hour.


➕ Import more fields from HubSpot (Premium)

Know even more about your HubSpot contacts. Today, we're expanding our list of imported properties to include mobile phone, company, associated company name, job title, and contact owner.


🏎️ Manage your conversations in bulk

Moving tons of old conversations to the “done” tab one-by-one can be a pain. Today, we’re making it easier to keep OpenPhone neat and tidy with the release of bulk actions.


Delighters ✨

No update is complete without a few extras to make you happier.

Want to try all this out? Look out for a message in OpenPhone asking you to refresh for the latest updates.

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